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Stimulator Professional Genesy 1200 PRO Globus  [g1230]

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GLOBUS Genesy 1200 Pro is a programmable stimulator laptop for professional use in medical, rehabilitation and physical therapy.
The Genesy 1200 PRO is characterized by a complete set that includes specific waveforms and a comprehensive range of programs.
The technologies used are the most advanced and allow use at the stimulator very easy and safe in any therapeutic situation.
This stimulator is programmable and allows professional users to create professional custom programs with specific parameters and store them.
Genesy 1200, in addition to being the champion of the Globus range of electrical stimulation, represents the latest and most advanced standard reference for all electrical stimulation of its class.
The advanced features along with the completeness of waveforms make this an extremely complete stimulator is ideal for professional use without compromise.
Allows the practitioner to use only the programs and the number of sessions set by him.
On the large screen you can view images of electrode placement.


Sports Training


530 PROGRAM: Rehabilitation 65, 35 Pain, 34 MENS, Denervated 9, 29 Kotz, 26 Interference, 1 Iontophoresis, 156 Sports, Fitness 64, 111 Beauty.
PROGRAMMABLE: 10 free memories.
MY TRAINER: shows the images of electrode placement directly on the display
STIM FIT: immediate change in the contraction parameters (amplitude, frequency and time) during stimulation
FAST MENU: faster browsing
STIM LOCK: allows the patient to use only the programs and the number of sessions, set by the therapist
WORK TIME: time display of actual use of the machine
REHABILITATION: Rehabilitation programs for specific (square wave, Kotz, denervated, interference)
IONOPHORESIS: galvanic currents to convey deep active (medicinal or cosmetic)
MICRO (MENS): Application-specific sports, and especially medical aesthetic.
2 +2 FUNCTION: Possibility to run two different programs simultaneously.
MULTI-USER: Genesy 1200 Pro allows you to share the stimulator among more users, while maintaining their stored settings, programs and preferences.
AUTOMATIC MODE (AUTO STIM): Genesy 1200 Pro allows you to perform
a program automatically without any manual intervention on the adjustment
the intensity.
MEMO FUNCTION: Genesy 1200 Pro lets you create a library of programs.
SYNCROSTIM: Acting on a single key will increase the intensity of the 4 channels simultaneously.
LAST 10: Genesy 1200 Pro keeps track of the last executed programs. In this way they
available for a very simple and fast.
Backlit graphic display


65 Rehabilitation programs
Including: Recovery atrophy, Muscle growth, Empowerment, Mobilization, Agonist / Antagonist, Leg Stretch.
Crusader, stretch the Achilles tendon ...
35 programs PAIN
Including: Fracture pain, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Phantom Limb, chronic pain, rib fracture, Trapezialgia, Pains
Also, knee pain, ankle pain ...
MENS 34 programs
Including: Muscle twitching, Muscular strain, muscle tear, muscle energy recovery, contusion, arthritis
rheumatoid arthritis, edema, herpes zoster, hematoma ...
9 programs DENERVATION
Including: Program of rectangular pulse shape default rectangular, triangular ...
30 programs KOTZ
Including: Train muscles, gluteal hypotrophy inveterate coxarthrosis, Defatigamento, deficiency of buttock pain,
Fracture reactivation COLLES flexors, scoliosis ...
Including: painful tendon and muscle, painful muscle disorders in the acute phase, where it is painful events
resorption of edema required ...
100 SPORTS programs
Including: Capillarization, Heating, Heating Pre Race, Active Recovery, maximal strength, strength endurance, strength
Explosive, Endurance ...
FITNESS 64 programs
Including: firming, shaping, toning, Increase Mass, Body Sculpting, Definition, Prevention cramps ...
BEAUTY 111 programs
Including: Drainage, Lipolysis, relaxing massage, invigorating massage, energy massage, connective massage,
Vascularization, Drainage postpartum, face ...


Channels: 4 independent channels (8 electrodes)
Frequency: 0.3 Hz is 150
Maximum power: 120 mA per channel
Pulse width: 50 to 450 ms
Wave shapes: rectangular, biphasic, symmetrical, compensated
Power: Internal rechargeable battery and the 220 V.
Confornitą: E 'in accordance with Standard ISO 9001, EN 6001 products for MDD (Medical Device Directive)


1 bag, 1 stimulator, 4 cables for connection to the electrodes, 2 wires for iontophoresis / microcurrent, 1 Charger network 4 self-adhesive electrodes 50 x 50, 4 self-adhesive electrodes 50 x 90, 2 sponge electrodes for iontophoresis, 1 elastic bandage, 1 Operation Manual.
Well 3 years warranty! By buying this product, Globus will give you the ability to activate 1 additional year of warranty after purchase by registering (2 + 1 years).
Service dedicated. Globus offers a direct and immediate support service to solve any problem.

Contraindications and Warnings

We do not recommend the use of electrical stimulation in the following cases:
- Stimulation of the anterior neck (carotid sinus).
- Patient with a pacemaker.
- Sick of cancer (consult your doctor).
- Stimulation of the brain region.
- Use on the pain of unknown etiology.
- Wounds and skin diseases.
- Acute trauma.
- Stimulation of recent scars.
- Pregnancy.
- It 'absolutely forbidden the use of electro-ocular and genital area.
- Use of electrostimulation in water
- Close to the areas to be characterized by the presence of metals and metal fixation infratessutali (such as implants, osteosynthesis material, spirals, screws, plates), when using monophasic currents such as interference and direct current (iontophoresis).

If you have any questions or concerns please contact your physician.


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